Phoenix Tea

Phoenix Tea is a tea company for which we designed and built the entire visual and conceptual identity. From the logo, which was transformed from a preliminary sketch of a design for wallpaper by artist E. W. Godwin in the late 19th century, through an original version that was closer to the original, and a final version which was more dramatically altered from the original. The text portion of the logo started as an out-of-the-box font, but was converted to paths and modified for spacing and balance. The logo exists in both a vertical and horizontal version.

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EW Godwin wallpaper   Phoenix Tea vertical logo   

Phoenix Tea horizontal logo

Phoenix Tea shop websiteWe also designed and developed the e-commerce website on the PrestaShop platform, and built the blog website in Wordpress. The store site is fully secured with an SSL certificate, and incorporates both credit card payments and PayPal payment transactions.

We have also fully implemented the full social media spectrum for the business, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, as well as designing and publishing a monthly e-newsletter.








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Phoenix Tea Facebook Page


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